Keywords = public policy
Policy Design

Volume 5, Issue 3, December 2019, Pages 290-309


mohammad safari dashtaki; reza zare

Policy Framework for Confront with the Brain Drain in Iran

Volume 5, Issue 2, September 2019, Pages 43-57


Monavarian Abbas; Narges sadat Razavimehr; Mojtaba Amiri; Nasser Asgari

Fortifying The Written Foundations of Science

Volume 5, Issue 1, June 2019, Pages 195-200


Hamid Reza Malek Mohammadi

Pathology of Governance in Higher Education System in Iran

Volume 4, Issue 4, March 2019, Pages 55-74


Naser Bagheri Moghadam; hasan ahmadi

Investigating the Inefficiency Causes of Primary Prevention of Drug Abuse policies in the Islamic Republic of Iran

Volume 4, Issue 4, March 2019, Pages 113-131


Masuood Mahdavian far; hossein masoudnia; Mohammad Reza Yazdani Zazerani

Continuity and Change in Public Policy and Management

Volume 4, Issue 3, December 2018, Pages 177-197


Mohammad Safari Dashtaki,; Mohammad Ali Nikbakhsh; Reza zare

Inclusive Innovation Structural Factors: Application in Public Policy Making for Inequality Reduction

Volume 4, Issue 2, September 2018, Pages 33-56


Ali Mobini Dehkordi; mojtaba amiri; Firouzeh Kermanshah

Consideration of alienation of implementers from tax policies

Volume 4, Issue 1, June 2018, Pages 78-95


Mehdi Golverdi; Hasan Danaee Fard; Mohammad Hoseyn Rahmati; Jabar Babashahi

Government Intervention in Iranian Performing Arts Market: Lessons and Policy Implications

Volume 3, Issue 3, December 2017, Pages 9-33


zahra Khoshbooi; Mohammad Hosseini; Mohammad Ali Aboutorabi

Exploring the Knowledge Mechanisms of Improving Quality of Public Policies in Iran: a Mixed - Method Research

Volume 3, Issue 2, September 2017, Pages 29-56


Hassan Danaee Fard; Javad Valiy e-Asl; Seyed Yaghuob Hossaini