The Political Process of Policymaking: A Pragmatic Approach to Public Policy


Phd of Public Policy University of Tehran


This book discuss and define cultural policy in countries such as:America,France and countries with legacy of Coloniality or Internal Coloniality and the Olympics opening ceremony,an internationally recognized platform for a host country to present their national identiy and their cultural policy.The Author use comparative methodology for this research because this method would explain the wide variability in modes of cultural policy as a reflection of broader political ideological and administrative traditions.
This research answers to this question: Is public policymaking fundamentally political or not? By adopting pragmatic approach, author responds positively to this question. The study of the political nature of public policy makes it possible to understand its importance in the policy process. To question the political character of policymaking consider that the activities carried out by the stakeholders to shape public policy are core processes not only in understanding the forms that public policy eventually takes but also in understanding the unfolding forms of politicization and the modes of legitimacy used by those who govern. The author believes that policy making in the context of political science has many benefits and helps solve many public issues. He presents a solution to social problems as a complex process in which there are actors and policy proposals that lead to a final solution through a complex process.