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Iranian Journal of Public Policy

P-ISSN: 2538-5577

Editor-in-Chief: Hamidreza Malek Mohammadi, PhD.
Executive Manager: Ali Khajeh Naieni, PhD.

About Journal

The Iranian Journal of Public Policy is owned & published by the Faculty of Law and Political Sciences of University of Tehran. The journal received scientific-research credit from the Iran Ministry of Science, Research and Technology (MSRT) with no 3/18/194971. The Iranian Journal of Public Policy has been published regularly every three months since its first publication in 2015. The journal is an Open Access, Peer-Reviewed periodicals which the electronic version of its published papers are available publicly on the journal website. The journal decided to cover a wide variety of topics.

Open Access Policy

This journal provides immediate open access to its content on the principle that making research freely available to the public supports a greater global exchange of knowledge.
All journal papers are distributed under the terms of the Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial 4.0 International License, which permits any non-commercial use, sharing, adaptation, distribution and reproduction in any medium or format, as long as you give appropriate credit to the original author(s) and the source.

Copyright Notice

Authors can retain the copyright and full publishing rights without restrictions.
Authors have the right to:

  • Share their article according to the "Personal Use rights" ** so long as it contains the end user license and the DOI link to the version of record in this journal.
  • Retain intellectual property rights (including research data).
  • Proper attribution and credit for the published work.

* This includes the right to make and authorize commercial use.
** Personal use rights

Authors can use their articles, in full or in part, for scholarly, non-commercial purposes such as:

    Use by an author in the author’s classroom teaching (including distribution of copies, paper or electronic)
    Distribution of copies (including through e-mail) to known research colleagues for their personal use (but not for Commercial Use)
    Inclusion in a thesis or dissertation (provided that this is not to be published commercially)
    Use in a subsequent compilation of the author’s works
    Extending the Article to book-length form
    Preparation of other derivative works (but not for Commercial Use)
    Otherwise using or re-using portions or excerpts in other works

Article Processing Charges (APC)

The Iranian Journal of Public Policy is an Open Access journal, so publishing an article in the Journal requires publication fees, that will be billed to the corresponding author following the submission and then acceptance of an article for publication. The fee to be paid following acceptance of an article is: 2,000,000 IRR. .


Iranian Journal of Public Policy is published as an open access electronic journal, so there is no subscription fee for audiences.


Iranian Journal of Public Policy accepts NO advertisements in the journal website and articles.


The Iranian Journal of Public Policy is owned & published by the Faculty of Law and Political Sciences of University of Tehran.

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Faculty of Law and Political Sciences of University of Tehran.