Volume & Issue: Volume 9, Issue 3, 2023 

Research Article

Designing a Policy Impact Assessment Model for Higher Education in Iran

Pages 9-24


Ashraf Nasiriyan; Saeed Ghiasi Nodooshan; Ali Khorsandi Taskoh; Morteza Taheri; yahya kamali

Democratic Government Policies and Control of Iraq's Security Challenges

Pages 100-113


Fazlollah Rezvantalab; Hojatollah Darvishpur; Mohammad Ali Khosravi

Review Article

Is Corruption a Driver of Innovation or an Obstacle to It?! A Meta Synthesis Approach

Pages 114-130


Samira Aliakbari; Sepehr Ghazinoory; Ali Aesghar Pourezzat

Analysis of Educational Inequality Policies in Six Development Programs in Iran

Pages 165-181


Zahra Khosravipour; Yadollah Mehralizadeh; Hojjatollah Darafsh; Gholamhosein Rahimidoost; Morteza Karami