Citizens' Right to Pursuit of Happiness, Study the Requirements and Patterns of Policy

Document Type : Research Article


1 Ph.D.Student in Public Law, Faculty of Law. Islamic Azad University Rafsanjan Branch, Rafsanjan, Iran

2 Assistant Prof, Department of Public Law, Faculty of Law. Islamic Azad University Rafsanjan Branch, Rafsanjan, Iran


The pursuit of happiness has attracted the attention of thinkers &policymakers in recent decades; Because the realization or non-realization of happiness will have various direct effects on people in society. Attention to empirical evidence &statistics of international measures indicates the need for policy in the field of happiness in Iran. the question of the article is what is the policy model suitable for promoting happiness in Iran? To this end, this descriptive analytical research is to analyze the possibility of policy-making on the right to seek happiness &the policy requirements in this area (derived from the policy approaches of successful countries). As a result, the pursuit of happiness is increasingly a useful way to guide &evaluate the effectiveness of public policies, &hence the need to pay attention to the pursuit of happiness by policymakers in the social, economic &environmental contexts. in line with, the logic of public interest &national interests, it seems necessary


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