Review of Journal of Public Policy of Cambridge University (Issue 4 of Volume 33)

Document Type : Review Article


Master in political science Shahid Bahonar University oh Kerman, Kerman, Iran


Journal of Public Policy of Cambridge University is one of the important journals in the field of public policy, which has an impact factor of 2.513 in the JCR & is indexed in reputable indexing databases of international journals including Elsevier & WOS. The journal mainly publishes articles that apply social science theories, concepts, & methods to important political, economic, & social issues related to public policy. A variety of topics are presented in these articles, including environmental issues, international political economy, health, EU regulatory policies & processes, etc. The reviewers of this journal are from more than twelve disciplines of social sciences & from three continents of the world. Thus, they guarantee analytical accuracy in referring to the context of the national policy of the studied countries. In issue 41 of this magazine, 9 articles have been published that are briefly reviewed.


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