Implementation of Policies on the Shores of Makran; Examining the Manifestations of a Crisis

Document Type : Research Article


1 Professor of Public Policy, University of Tehran, Tehran, Iran

2 Phd university of tehran faculty of law and political science, Tehran, Iran


For more than a decade, the issue of policy implementation on the Makran coast has been on the agenda of various governments, but unfortunately the policy implementation process has been very slow, which can be described as a crisis. The central question of this research is why, despite the great importance of this region in economic, social, & political relations, & the existence of political will, the implementation of policies in this strategic region has been accompanied by failure & even failure? The present study, with the help of theoretical & scientific literature related to implementation & implementation of policies in free zones, & based on interviews & content analysis methods, extracts the main reasons for policy failure & provides policy solutions. The results of the studies conducted in this study show that the most important reasons for the failure of policies in this strategic area can be classified into three main themes (structure-oriented, ideal-oriented & thought-oriented) & 9 sub-themes.


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