The Need to Revise the Law of Equitable Distribution of Water in Iran


1 Ph.D., Water Management, Ferdowsi University of Mashhad, Iran

2 Department Water Management, Ferdowsi University of Mashhad,Iran

3 MSc, Water Management, Tarbiat Modarres University, Iran


The law on water distribution is one of the most important laws introduced after the victory of the Islamic Revolution regarding water resources and consumption. The law was implemented in line with Article 45 of the Constitution in order to revise the principles of water law and how it was nationalized in order to establish a fair water distribution system. Unfortunately, despite the rapid pace of social / climate and economic developments, this law has not been amended since 1971. Although Acceptance and flexibility versus reality and changes is a sign of intelligence, it should not hamper the implementation of the law. In fact, Due to the environmental changes, review periods are defined to bring the law into line with the needs of the community, to be intelligently flexible with change so that people can implement the law completely (Failure to fully implement the law). The revision process should be transparent, democratic. This study is an analytical approach aimed at revising the fair water distribution law. The findings of this study show that in some partsof this law violates other laws. The rules should be generated for everyone and exceptions result in abusing the water resources. Also, according to the poor state of water resources, especially the decline in water quality, there should be the possibility to amend existing laws and create new ones.


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