The causes of advent of conflict of interest among MPs in Iran

Document Type : Research Article


1 PhD Candidate in public policy, Iran University of Science and Technology

2 Full Professor of Management, Iran University of Science and Technology

3 Professor assistance of Political science, Supreme Council of Cultural Revolution


Conflict of interest is one of the most important areas of corruption among authorities, as well as disturbing the decision-making system based on the preference of personal interests to the public interest. In the Islamic Consultative Assembly, many delegates are faced with this issue, and in some decisions their personal desires and intentions may overwhelm the public interest and avoid the decision to be honest and impartial. In this paper, we first describe the conflict of interests and its types, and then, with a profound and semi-structured interview with experts, the question is addressed whether the conflict of interests in the parliament is present. In the end, the issues of conflicts of interest in the Islamic Consultative Assembly have been addressed and attempts to re-election, inefficient monitoring system and incorrect design of structures and processes have been introduced as the main causes of conflicts of interest in the parliament.


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