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Theorizing in political science and public policy

Articles in Press, Accepted Manuscript, Available Online from 18 March 2023


Kioomars Ashtarian

Analyzing the Casual Factors of the Crisis in the Water Policies of Zayandeh-Rud River Basin; Case Study of Western Cities of Isfahan Province

Volume 8, Issue 1, June 2022, Pages 43-59


Esmaeil Zaker mahabadi; Mohammad Reza Yazdani Zazerani; Hannaneh Mohammadi Kangarani

A meta-synthesis of public policy implementation studies in Iran

Volume 7, Issue 3, December 2021, Pages 243-260


Meysam Gharabaghi; Sayed Mohammad Moghimi; Meysam Latifi

Identify the factors affecting the implementation of public policies in the Ministry of Energy

Volume 7, Issue 1, June 2021, Pages 79-96


Ahad Ahadzadeh; Saeed Sayyad Shirkosh; Mina jamshidi Evanaki

Narrative Policy Framework in Public Policy: Understanding the NPF in Public policy research

Volume 7, Issue 1, June 2021, Pages 215-234


Seyed Ehssan Najmolhoda; Mohammad Reza Yazdani Zazerani

Designing a policy model of guaranteed wheat purchase in iran

Volume 6, Issue 4, March 2021, Pages 23-41


Ezatollah Abbasian; Mojtaba Amiri; Shahrzad Nayyeri; Zohreh Jalali Bidgoli

Government structure and virtual space policy in Iran

Volume 6, Issue 4, March 2021, Pages 151-171


rohollah eslami; hojjat jafari

Public Policy Formative Pattern in Network Governance Approach (Case Study: Urban Public Transportation in Tehran)

Volume 6, Issue 1, June 2020, Pages 83-106


fatemeh gheytasivand; Fattah Sharif zadeh; Gholamreza Kazemian; Davood Hosseinpoor

Identify and Prioritize Tax Policy Process Issues in Islamic Republic of Iran

Volume 6, Issue 1, June 2020, Pages 241-260


Mahdi Hasanvand; Mohammad Reza Yazdani Zazerani; Mahnaz Goodarzi

The Tools of Government in the Digital Age

Volume 6, Issue 1, June 2020, Pages 372-391


Mohammad Abdolhosseinzadeh

Policy Design

Volume 5, Issue 3, December 2019, Pages 290-309


mohammad safari dashtaki; reza zare